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Rich Ahlers 0

Rich Ahlers

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Paul Chiasson 0

Paul Chiasson

A student for 18 years, have been away for a decade. I am a studio owner (Mid-State Soo Bahk Do TA605.I have my Jo Kyo and am studying for my Kyo Sa. In my former studio I taught many students a...
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PJ Steyer 0

PJ Steyer

O Dan, DB 30182 Studio Owner - Boston Classical Soo Bahk Do Elected Board Member for Region 1
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Institute Admin 0

Institute Admin

Administrator and development coordinator for the Soo Bahk Do Institute
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Phil Duncan 0

Phil Duncan

Executive Administrator U.S. Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation
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Help Index 0

Help Index

A one page index of help links to pages and feature documentation for the Soo Bahk Do Institute. Take 30 seconds to read this help page and you may learn things about the Institute that you did not kn...
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Paul Chiasson Kyo Sa Cert Teaching 3 19:14 0

Paul Chiasson Kyo Sa Cert Teaching 3

Third and final video requirement for the Region 1 Kyo Sa Shin Sa preparation. Filmed October 15, 2014 at Bay State Soo Bahk Do in Hamilton MA, THeme was Chung Jik and Huri with an emphasis on Ho Si...
Paul Chiasson Kyo Sa Cert Teaching 2 22:40 0

Paul Chiasson Kyo Sa Cert Teaching 2

This is my Kyo_Sa_Cert_2, Paul N Chiasson Jo Kyo, Region 1, October 1, 2014. It begins after the warmup and stretch and follows directly into class. This is the Hamilton W/O belt Gup member class wi...
Paul Chiasson Kyo Sa Cert Teaching 1 21:46 0

Paul Chiasson Kyo Sa Cert Teaching 1

Model Class 1 Paul N Chiasson Jo Kyo, Region 1 Kyo Sa Shim Sa 2014

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