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Partner Drill - Prevent Opponent From Blocking Your Front Kick 1:01 1

Partner Drill - Prevent Opponent From Blocking Your Front Ki...

Ken Trevellyan Sa Bom Nim shares a partner drill for preventing opponents defense of front snap kick
Ho Sin Sul Grip Drill 1:35 0

Ho Sin Sul Grip Drill

Ho Sin Sul Joint Lock Gripping Drill. This drill teaches the foundations of proper control of the partner's hand in performing join locks.
3 Step Sparring Drill (Sam Soo Sik Dae Ryun) 0:33 0

3 Step Sparring Drill (Sam Soo Sik Dae Ryun)

3 Step Sparring (Sam Soo Sik Dae Ryun) performed by Technical Advisory Committee Members: Daymon Kenyon, Sa Bom Nim Craig Hays, Sa Bom Nim. This drill demonstrates proper retreating with a partner bl...
Medy Wundrow Teaching 2014-1 24:30 1

Medy Wundrow Teaching 2014-1

KDJSS 2014 Teaching Video theme: Him Cho Chung- control of power based on circumstantial use. Targeting with power control using pahkero/ahneso cha gi and kap kwon teul oh choong dan kong kyuk. Puttin...
Keith Lambert Teaching 2014-1 19:17 1

Keith Lambert Teaching 2014-1

Keith Lambert, Dan Bon 43703, teaching class video for 2014 KDJSS requirements. Theme: Technique (Ki Sool) focus on Preparation, Targeting, and Striking surface. Maintaining good Mo Doo Jaseh with a ...


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