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More audio from John Carlini

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Pyong Ahn by John Carlini

  • Uploaded by:
    John Carlini
  • Uploaded on: 12/19/2019
  • Rating: 5/5 (2 votes)
Soo Bahk Do influenced musical composition by John Carlini. Checkout his website for more music and info: Also on Soundcloud: Facebook: YouTube:

Album: Audio Miscellaneous

Tags: Carlini, Music

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10/22/20 Institute Admin commented:

Music minded members may be interested in this book that just came out by John Carlini.

John Carlini wrote his column "Taking It To The Next Level" for Flatpicking Guitar Magazine during 16 of the 20 years of our publication.  This 230-page book, with 170 audio tracks and 57 song arrangments, is a compilation of every article that John wrote for the magazine.  It is now available in both the hardcopy and digital download formats.  

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04/10/20 john neace commented:

Nice Sound !

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