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Who Can See My Stuff?

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Note: Only PRE-APPROVED PUBLISHERS can upload content that bypasses moderation approval so the new content becomes instantly available for your selected audience to view after you share it. School Owners who would like to use this  feature may request it be activated for your account by emailing  All other new content uploaded by other users to the Institute is moderated by site admins, so your new content will not appear in your account until approved by a moderator.

By default content on the Institute may have one of the following privacy settings:

  1. Pending Moderation
    • active subscription required
    • All new content added to the Institute must be moderated before anyone (even the uploader) can view it.
    • Until new content has been moderated it is invisible to all even the owner who uploaded it.
    • If new content complies with Institute guidelines, then it is approved as PRIVATE content and the owner is free to share it with all whom they friend
    • you can view all your content pending moderation here
  2. Private to Owner Only (added 2015-12)
    • active subscription required 
    • only the content owner/uploader can access this content
    • you may want to use this setting on new content until you have finished labeling it, tagging it, etc.
  3. Private to Push Shares (added 2015-12)
    • active subscription required unless content is FREE  OR   LOGIN
    • only those who have received a Push Share email from the content owner can access this content
    • useful when you need to share content with SOME but NOT ALL of your friends
    • useful for sharing content with people not yet registered on the Institute.
  4. Private to Content Owner and Owner's Friends
    • active subscription required AND MUST BE FRIENDS
    • only the content owner and their friends can see the thumbnails or access the content.
    • Note: only friends of the content owner will see the thumbnails or be able to access it. NO OTHER users of the Institute will even know the content exists and will NOT see it at all.
  5. Semi-private
    • active subscription required
    • PUBLIC Thumbnail everyone can see the thumbnails, but when clicked on by a non-friend of the owner a notice appears that they must request friending by the content owner and be approved before they can access the content
  6. Public to Subscribers
    • active subscription required
    • everyone can see the thumbnails and access the content
  7. Public to Registered Users
    • LOGIN
    • site registration is required
    • no paid subscription required
    • everyone registered can see the thumbnails and access the content
  8. Public to Anonymous Surfers
    • FREE
    • no site registration required
    • no subscription required
    • anyone visiting the site can see the thumbanils and access the content without registering or logging in

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