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Legit or Counterfeit? 0

Legit or Counterfeit?

How can you tell if your rank certificates are legitimate and authentic or counterfeits?
Moo Duk Kan Rank Certification 0

Moo Duk Kan Rank Certification

Moo Duk Kwan martial art schools provide official instruction in the Soo Bahk Do martial art system
This Is Me Teaching In A Military Abandoned Office, I Had About 10 Teenage Students Who Wanted To Train. 0

This Is Me Teaching In A Military Abandoned Office, I Had Ab...

The class lasted about a year, it became more of a self defense class, since I didn't have a direct line of comm with Korea, I couldn't issue certificates.
Gup Certificate Legitmacy 0

Gup Certificate Legitmacy

Legitimate Gup Rank Certificate
Karate Fraud 0

Karate Fraud

Fraud is a deliberate, deceptive act engaged in for one's advantage at a cost to another. Trademark infringers often fall into two categories: 1) unintentional infringers and 2) willful infringers. Wh...
Gup Rank Certificate Trademarks 0

Gup Rank Certificate Trademarks

Trademarks Gup Rank Certificate

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