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2015 Region 6 Team Hyung Preview 2:39 1

2015 Region 6 Team Hyung Preview

Preview Video of Region 6 Youth Team Hyung 2015.

Please accept with my apologies I videoed it sideways .
-Your Jr. Gene Riggs-
Region 6 National Hyung Team 2016 2:44 1

Region 6 National Hyung Team 2016

National Hyung Team Region 6
Johnny McCune 2 1:15 0

Johnny McCune 2

O Dan candidate

2017 National Festival Invitation

  • Uploaded by:
    Gene Riggs
  • Uploaded on: 10/14/2016
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Region 6 has submitted a proposal to host the 2017 National Festival and Ko Dan Ja Shim Sa and Moment With the Masters in Montgomery Texas just north of Houston, Texas at the La Torretta Resort.

If the Board approves the proposal as part of the 2017 Projected Budget during their meeting on Oct 26,2016, then please consider this your first invitation to attend what will be the most exciting event in recent years.

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