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2017 Tomball Soo Bahk Do Demonstration for Competition

  • Uploaded by:
    Laura Higginbotham
  • Uploaded on: 07/31/2017
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Tomball Demonstration Team shows the north-south line of Jindo Hyung and the East-West line of Nah Han Ji Hyung. Also included are examples of techniques from the hyung as used for self-defense. 2017

Tags: Demonstration, National, Festival, Tomball, 2017

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08/01/17 Laura Higginbotham commented:

Thank you very much!  I was confused, thought we did need to have it previewed.  See you very soon!

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08/01/17 Institute Admin commented:

Hello Laura,

The TAC did not require videos of competition demonstrations so no TAC approval is required.

The video privacy level is currently set to SHARED ONLY which means that only the people whom you PUSH SHARE it with will be able to view it. You can share it with whoever you want to view it.

Since you may want to keep the nature of the demo under wraps until after the competition is over, after the event you can change the privacy settings to make it viewable by more people on the Institute.

Perhaps after the Festival concludes there will also be a new video of the team's winning performance!  :) :)

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