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Picture Of The Leadership In Puerto Rican M...

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Everyone who attended the training session at Vangas Sa bom Nim's residence this was a special training session after a clinic conducted by the Kwan Jang Nim. Mr Morales, not in the picture as instrumental in starting the PR Soo Bahk Do years earlier when Diaz Sa Bom Nim visited the island. note: Vangas SBN was the senior member and was given special recognition by the Kwan Jang Nim based on his service and interest in building the PR SBDMDK, and his promise to attend an upcoming KDJ SHIM SA. I'm standing behind Bonsignore SBN, we accompanied the Kwan Jang Nim to PR. Of course, Vangas SBN evetually left the MDK. The PR MDK is still active under the leadership of Sa Bom Nim Oscar Rosado, who has completed the KDJ SHIM SA.

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