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Tae Guk Kwon Hyung Snippets

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    Lawrence Seiberlich
  • Uploaded on: 06/09/2015
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Larry Seiberlich Sa Bom Nim and Bill Nelson Sa Bom Nim demonstrating snippets of training with the Tae Guk Kwon Hyung.

Sa Bom Nim Larry Seiberlich, Dan Bon 1815 9th Dan will be introducing Tae Guk Kwon Hyung at the 2015 National Festival in Danvers, Ma Thursday July 30, 8:00-10:00 PM in a special session open to all Dan ranks.

This will be one of three special sessions being offered at the 2015 National Festival. Spaces are limited for these special sessions, so reserve your spot by registering soon. Download registration forms on

This Hyung, known as Tai Chi Ch’uan in Chinese, is said to be over 1000 years old. It is often performed as a health and longevity enhancing exercise featuring stretching, balance and the integration of breathing and chi gung as a movement system for neh gung. It is also practiced as a very effective and sophisticated martial art. It is guided by the Sip Sam Seh.

Founder Hwang Kee trained in this martial arts discipline in Manchuria with Master Yang. The Yang style of Tae Guk Kwon is the most well-known and popular although there are hundreds of variations depending on the teacher and their lineage. The Yang style includes both the long form of 150 ja seh and the short form with 50 or more ja seh. Each ja seh contains from one to five martial arts techniques for defense against a number of opponents.

The Founder established the short form of this Hyung as the most senior (Chil Dan) hyung requirement in Tang Soo Do although it was seldom taught. It was replaced by Hwa Sun Hyung in Soo Bahk Do. It is part of our Moo Duk Kwan history and is appropriate for both older students who are somewhat limited in their movement and for younger members who are interested in improving their movement, balance, energy application, and are interested in learning the many self-defense applications.

We will present small portions of the long form Hyung to familiarize the participants with the nature of the Hyung, the movements at both slow and full speed, and a few of the applications with partners. Tae Guk Kwon can be taught both as an exercise and a martial arts discipline.

Seiberlich Sa Bom has trained in Tae Guk Kwon since 1965 and it has been the centerpiece of his Well Being Program

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