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"Concept Of Unity" Origin

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    Lawrence Seiberlich
  • Uploaded on: 07/02/2014
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Larry Seiberlich, Sa Bom Nim Notation:

...In the early days of our Federation, I think it was 1979 or 1980,
it was important for us to develop a concept of unity. Which would
then be the basic foundation piece to start our meetings, particularly our
board meetings. And it would establish why we existed and the purpose.
Well, Lyn Stanwich, the chairman at the time was tasked to
put this together, he said he would. And as I remember we were sitting,
Lyn and I, in a bar in Clark, NJ at a hotel and Lyn said "I have
to put this together because we have to get it to the board meeting in two days.
And It has to be read. So we need to do this tonight so I can get it typed" and
I said Lyn, "The board meeting is tomorrow do you remember? We're
never going to do this!" He said "I think I can". Well, the more we 'lubricated
ourselves the smoother we became' and we took a napkin and used a pen,
and wrote the "Concept Of Unity". Well, as we read it, it didn't sound quite
the way we wanted it to, so we revised it. Just about the closing of the bar,
(we must of been there for 6 hours), we had what we wanted. It sounded
pretty good and that's what we read today. It had a rather unique development
process. - SBN Lawrence Seiberlich
(Video editing by Greg Fiske)

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