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The Birdie Exercise 8:33 0

The Birdie Exercise

A unique historical film by Perry Areaipour Sa Bom Nim featuring Larry Seiberlich Sa Bom Nim instructing a unique training drill to students.
"Concept Of Unity" Origin 1:56 1

"Concept Of Unity" Origin

Larry Seiberlich, Sa Bom Nim Notation:

...In the early days of our Federation, I think it was 1979 or 1980,
it was important for us to develop a concept of unity. Which would
then be the basic...
Tae Guk Kwon Hyung Snippets 3:06 2

Tae Guk Kwon Hyung Snippets

Larry Seiberlich Sa Bom Nim and Bill Nelson Sa Bom Nim demonstrating snippets of training with the Tae Guk Kwon Hyung.

Sa Bom Nim Larry Seiberlich, Dan Bon 1815 9th Dan will be introducing Tae Guk ...

Voiceover of First Federation Video

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    Lawrence Seiberlich
  • Uploaded on: 07/02/2014
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It was the late 1970's and the decision was made to to film a technical video tape and Kwan Jang Nim would be a performer. He was to perform the basic forms and many other techniques, ki Cho Ki Sul. Then he had some free movement, and part of the free movement was in a park, beautiful scene where he did a number of kicks down a hill. There were some other scenes that were very nice. Once this was filmed, part of the film was the founder speaking in Korean relating some of the passages from some of the books he'd written. The video required a voice over, and they asked me to do the voice over. Part of the voice over was me reading what the founder was saying in English. I was to do the voice over into a small tape recorder at headquarters. That's when the headquarters was the founders school, at that time master Hwang's school in Springfield. As I was about to do the voiceover, trucks kept rolling by on the street so I wasn't able to get a clear narrative. Finally they decided the best place for me was in the bathroom. So I went into the little bathroom, but in order to put the light onthe fan also went. So I had to sit in the dark. Well it was difficult to read the text while sitting in the dark so they gave me a flashlight. So I sat in the bathroom with the flashlight, the audio recorder, reading and doing the narrative. That's what you'll hear on the video tape if you happen to have one. - SBN Lawrence Seiberlich

(Video editing by Greg Fiske)

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