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The Birdie Exercise 8:33 0

The Birdie Exercise

A unique historical film by Perry Areaipour Sa Bom Nim featuring Larry Seiberlich Sa Bom Nim instructing a unique training drill to students.
"Concept Of Unity" Origin 1:56 0

"Concept Of Unity" Origin

Larry Seiberlich, Sa Bom Nim Notation: ...In the early days of our Federation, I think it was 1979 or 1980, it was important for us to develop a concept of unity. Which would then be the basic...
Tae Guk Kwon Hyung Snippets 3:06 2

Tae Guk Kwon Hyung Snippets

Larry Seiberlich Sa Bom Nim and Bill Nelson Sa Bom Nim demonstrating snippets of training with the Tae Guk Kwon Hyung. Sa Bom Nim Larry Seiberlich, Dan Bon 1815 9th Dan will be introducing Tae Guk ...

Voiceover of First Federation Video

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