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Blake Gilner commented on the video “Ship Dan Kuhm Sa Ro Hyung”.

Hays Sa Bom Nim. Thank you sir for your excellent demonstration of these (new to me forms). Griggs Sa Bom Nim has been teaching all dans the first four. Finding them on SBD institute has really help with memorizing the patterns.

Kyum Sun

Blake Gilner

Ship Dan Kuhm Sa Ro Hyung
Ship Dan Kuhm Sa Ro Hyung
Craig Hays, Sa Bom Nim, Chairman of the TAC, introduces for the first time, the historic Ship Dan Kuhm Hyung, created by founder Hwang Kee.

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Passing of Sa Bom Nim Hanke Passing of Sa Bom Nim Hanke
Passing of Sa Bom Nim Hanke

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JOSÉ IANNI commented on the blog post “You Are Logged Into The Soo Bahk Do® Institute”.

Agradeço por estar fazendo parte da história do Soo Bahk Doo e conhecer tantos amigos e peço para fazer parte desta grande família. Espero um dia pertencer aos quadros dos instrutores desta família do Soo Bahk Doo. Prazer em conhecê-los, Kyosanim José Pedro.


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