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Moo Pahl Dan Kuhm Series #1 - #8 14:15 0

Moo Pahl Dan Kuhm Series #1 - #8

#1 - #8 Standing series of the 8 Level Brocade is a set of 8 standing Nae Gong (internal) exercises designed to stretch the musculo-skeleton system as well as improve the health of the major organs. ...
Yuk Keun Kyung 19:09 0

Yuk Keun Kyung

Nae Gong exercises, Changing Tendons Classics, as documented in the Soo Bahk Do Dae Kahm.
Moo Pahl Dan Kuhm 6:18 0

Moo Pahl Dan Kuhm

This video demonstrates the general, standardized approach to Moo Pahl Dan Kuhm.
YKK - Dragging 9 Cows By The Tail Posture 2:07 0

YKK - Dragging 9 Cows By The Tail Posture

Yuk Keun Kyung (Yi Jin Jing) translates to Changing Tendons Classic and is found in the Founder's Volume 1 textbook. This is a traditional Daoyin exercise, usually performed as a companion exercise to...


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