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H. Y. Kwon 0

H. Y. Kwon

H. y. Kwon Sa Bom Nim featured in 2007 Hu Kyun In calendar
My Dan ID Card, Dated 1969. 0

My Dan ID Card, Dated 1969.

I never received my dan bon papers from the Korean Soo Bahk Do, due to some political issue with Master Ahn converting to Tae Kwon Do in 1969. However, the NYMDK did have these original Association I...
H.Y. Kwon Short Staff (Bong) Defense 0

H.Y. Kwon Short Staff (Bong) Defense

Staff (Bong) Defense at Guardians of The Art Seminars 2006
My Lineage 0

My Lineage

Diagram of my dan bon lineage... since my initial dan test in June 1969 under Master Ahn from Ohio, that dan application was sent to him, however, they apparently were never sent to the Korean Soo Bah...

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