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Soo Bahk Do Themes

Practitioners of martial arts, specifically Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan, get instruction from the beginning receiving the oral teaching (Sip Sam Seh) from an instructor, Kyo Sa or Sa Bom, who taught us by his own example about the martial art basics and leads us through his words to the interior of the martial art philosophy (5 Moo Do Values from PVT).

We received the knowledge that they obtained over many years of patient practice and exercise of what he teaches. Our martial art Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan, is based on the philosophy of DO (TAO) (1), and thus obtaining a greater understanding of the DO, turning its practitioners in MOODOIN, that is true martial artists whose thought and actions make expression of the MOO DO (1).

The deeper understanding of the DO, will come after the understanding of its philosophy, DO, its neutrality that gives rise to UM and YANG, space and time and as always with its eternal motion (TAE GUK), give rise to all that exists. Nothing escapes from the natural principles of DO, and who gets away only will find misfortune (1) .

To achieve this understanding, in accordance with de Moo Do Chul Hak Book (1) we must first learn and understand how the DO with its neutrality, harmonize and allows UM and YANG occur through the transformation of the existing to the non-existent, not as opposing forces but as polarities to enhance one another, and when one reaches its climax becomes the other, thus giving rise to the Realm of the natural. From the study of the statements we can achieve a better understanding of the Sip Sam Seh, which from the Pal Weh and O Heng teaches us the movement of forces or energies and elements underlying all existence.

Also the 5 Moo Do values, showing us the importance of history, tradition, philosophy, discipline/respect and technique, guiding us toward a path of improvement as human beings. The 8 key concepts, giving the key to the correct practice of martial arts and the 10 principles of faith based on the philosophy necessary for the mental training that becomes us human beings full of light and principles necessary to our happiness and for all those that are around us (Mind/Shim GongTrainning).

Through the study and practice of Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan, we find the concept of MOO DO, where MOO is the action, defense and counterattack, and starts from the character of being sword stopped, or the ability to stop internal and external conflicts, and DO is the TAO, the fundamental principles of nature, both to be true martial artists should have the MOO DO as a main guiding principle (1).

With the foregoing in mind and through the practice of Soo Bahk Do, we will be developing our MOO DO JA SEH, both mental (MAUM JA SEH) and physical (MOM JA SEH), because without a good MA UM JA SEH can not be a good MOM JA SEH. To better understand the concepts mentioned, we say that MA UM is the mind / heart, refers to our attitude, which forms the intent and it inspires the action (2). MOO DO JA SEH therefore appears from our minds, how we behave, by personal example to influence the behavior of others, promoting the natural virtue, not artificially, but naturally, respecting the natural principles of DO.

The fundamental objective as human beings is to achieve mental and physical health, inner harmony that leads to an outer harmony, to our environment, creating a space for happiness and peace. Create the HEAVEN in this life is the goal of the philosophy behind the martial art, especially SOO BAHK DO MOO DUK KWAN (1).

Therefore we strongly believe that strive to achieve through the practice of SOO BAHK DO the MOO DO, and thus generate naturally through a good MOO DO JA SEH, the real virtue (DUK), natural and without artificiality , to stop internal and external conflicts (MOO), respecting the fundamental principles of nature (DO), which will provide the human being (SOO) of expertise required (BAHK), which generates mental and physical health, happiness and peace in the world. In short, get through the MOO DO JA SEH to create heaven in this life for ourselves, our families, our jobs and our neighborhoods.

Now all message needs a good media to be taken successfully.

One way to bring the MOO DO JA SEH in our daily lives is to use a very efficient tool such as the PCA 1 and PCA 2.

What does PCA 1 and 2 means? PCA 2 means: P stands for Picture (photo), C stands for connection and A stands for application. It is important that those who are going to take our MOO DO JA SEH trust on us as people of good values, so we provide a good image of ourselves (picture). In the same manner to get a good connection (C = connection) with the environment is essential, because without that connection the message MOO DO JA SEH shall not be transmitted, its importance will be lost, so to get a good connection with those that we share the daily life is of vital importance. And finally we have the execution of our intention to take the MOO DO JA SEH to our environment (A = application).

While PCA 1 means P = purpose, C =creativity and A = Action. This is not different from the previous PCA 1, but it complements it. The main purpose is to bring our MOO DO JA SEH to be known to all who are part of our life and in all places in which that life goes on. To achieve this requires the creativity, through which we will find the necessary means to achieve our purpose. So once found the means and resources to carry the MOO DO JA SEH to others, we have only to put it into action. Our action will be good and successful if it has been generated from a good intention which certainly exists, because the MOO DO JA SEH through MA UM JA SEH, which is a powerful mental image, its natural process generates good intention, and therefore a good intention will generate a good application of ideas, that is a good MOM JA SEH. And finally as philosophy influences the mind, good action produces positive results, such as harmony, happiness and health.


Through the legacy of Grand Master Hwang Kee have learned that through philosophy we have obtained a tool for a better way of life, which is not only as a theory but a fact that we are already putting into practice because if we have a good MOO DO JA SEH, then we can pass on to others and thus contribute to a better world.

Bibliography and sources: (1) Moo Do Chul Hahk written by Grand Master HWANG KEE and translated by Kwan Jang Nim H.C.HWANG. (2) From the explanations and conference given by Kwan Jang Nim H.C.HWANG.

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