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Encroachment Crimes Resolution

Encroachment Crime Resolution:


How would you resolve a situation where someone sits in the chair you were sitting in before getting up for a minute and then upon returning you find them in your chair and they have pushed your things aside and now they refuse to relinquish the chair?

  • What would you do?
  • What steps would you take?
  • What "techniques" would you use to resolve this situation?
  • What would you do if you witnessed this occur but it was not your chair?

Unacceptable answer: One obvious answer of avoiding conflict by simply moving to another chair is unacceptable for the purpose of this query. It is an unacceptable solution because it allows a bully to prevail without consequences for their actions.

So what other solutions do you have up your Soo Bahk Do sleeves in order to regain the chair that is rightfully your's to occupy?

Lawyers feel free to jump in. :)

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