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1st Gup Red Belt Rank Requirements


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12/10/15 Keith Sullivan commented:

Hi! My name is Keith Sullivan, I am a red belt with two blue stripes. have not had time to work out, but am trying to get back with it. I just got  a job at a tax agency in Endicott, NY. I have been going to college for the past four months but flubbed up. I am going to be 50 next june 4th. Too old for school, but am able to work part time. I will be working for liberty tax service in Endicott, NY, and will be dressed up as a statue of liberty in costume with a ski mask on. I will be handing out flyer\'s trying to get business in. I am a professional advertiser, and lovin it! I love the cold air in the winter time. I have gained  a lot of weight in the  past couple of years but am trying really hard to get rid of it. I would like to lose 100 lbs. of weight and am going to seriously try. 

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