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Seven Ways A Kick-a-thon Can Benefit Your School

Some ways that have been proposed on how a Kick-a-thon Can Benefit Your Studio:

During regional teleconferences about the national Kick-a-thons For The Moo Duk Kwan Certified Studio Owners have shared some exciting ideas about how they plan to use a Kick-a-thon as an opportunity to recruit new students, raise public awareness about their studio, promote leadership development in students and more.

For example:

  1. Groom Future Leaders and support KJN's SHARE the art by assigning total responsibility for production and promotion of the Kick-a-thon to a junior group in the dojang who need to learn leadership skills (Dans, Jo Kyo, Kyo, Sa, Sa Bom , etc.) and evaluate leadership effectiveness by the results achieved.
  2. Promote Public Awareness About The Studio by organizing the Kick-a-thon as a studio open house inviting all parents, friends and the public. Use door prizes, raffles and refreshments to add appeal for the public to attend.
  3. Provide A Service To Parents coordinate your Kick-a-thon with a studio promote like "Bring A Buddy" or "Parents Night Out" and seek to gain new prospective students.
  4. Generate Revenue For The Studio by coordinating the Kick-a-thon with a paid seminar afterwards and also raise funds for your school. For example, the Kick-a-thon is scheduled for 6:30 to 8:00 and a paid seminar that you have been advertising the whole month alongside the Kick-a-thon is scheduled 8:00 to 9:30. This provides two reasons for attendees to come.
  5. Provide a Community Service by coordinating your Kick-a-thon with a community service seminar (self-defense, safety awareness, etc.) on the same evening and invite the public. Position your studio as a servant of your community by the fact that you are supporting two non-profit organizations (Federation and FOUNDATION) and you are also providing a valuable community service seminar for free.
  6. Promote Your Studio Through Every Ask by including studio business cards and/or free trial offers in all Kick-a-thon sponsor pledge packets for students to give to all they ask for sponsorship. Tell the students to invite all sponsors to come watch them on the night of the Kick-a-thon & Open House.
  7. Plan Ahead By Effortlessly Creating A Database of Potential Supporters by using a keyword (text KICK to 69302) on all your cards, flyers and sponsor sheets. Tell students to ask their donors to text KICK to 69302 in order to be advised of Kick-a-thon results and more. This effortlessly and automatically creates a database of everyone your students and parents speak to while seeking Kick-a-thon sponsors and later you can effortlessly connect with their supporters going forward and solicit them for future support etc.

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