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How To Host A Virtual Competition For Your School or Region

In order to host the extremely successful 1st Moo Duk Kwan USA Virtual Competition, the Federation enhanced the Soo Bahk Do Institute's features with you in mind, so that you too can host virtual competitions for your school or Region as easy as 1,2,3.

You can host any number of competition types where participants upload

  • hyung videos
  • breaking videos
  • 1-step sparring videos
  • free sparring videos
  • still images (best photo contest)
  • essay contests (best essay contest) 
  • you can even use the application to host community service events or seminars and collect entry fees for you.
  • etc.

Uploaded items can then be evaluated by judges or reviewers and awarded scores or placement according to the host's rules for the event.

For your virtual events you can charge fixed registration fees, name you own prices, even $0 registration and you can allow registrants to donate if you want.

You can host and promote your event using a web page provided for you by the Federation or you can run your event directly on your school or region website by pasting one snippet of code on the site where you want registration to take place.

Either way that you host your event, you can monitor registrations as they occur in real-time and see how your event participation is shaping up and organize your judging or reviewing team accordingly. All registration info is readily accessible to the host organizer in real-time.

If you wonder what doing this looks like, as of today (12/08/2020) three schools are hosting exciting virtual tournaments for their students right now!  Click through to see how they are doing it:

Oh, and we also have a shiny new platform that you can use to host live virtual seminars and/or live competitions via videoconferencing just like the live portion of the 1st Moo Duk Kwan USA National Competition. 

To schedule your event and get started promoting signups today, email  or call (888) SOO-BAHK 


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Thank you.

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