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Certified Teaching Program Application received from Alistair Graham


Dear Kwan Jang Nim, Cooper Sa Bom Nim, and Gibbons Sa Bom Nim,

I wanted to pass this email along to you to show you how effective the your influence and the TAC Seminar was for one of my members - Alastair Graham. He was one of my members you promoted to Cho Dan.

During our 3 1/2 hour ride home from camp he quizzed me on the history of our art, your history, history of Shipley Sa Bom Nim, my history, the organization, and then...expressed an interest in becoming an instructor.

I responded to his mother with information about the START program as well as instructor certification. Smith Sa Bom Nim and I will continue to guide him to achieve his goal.

Thank you all so much for being a positive influence in my student's lives!

Anna Oulashin
R10 Examiner



HI Anna,

Thank you for taking Alastair up to the camp this weekend.  He came back very proud of his accomplishments!  We are proud too, and hope that he will continue to grow with soo bahk do.
Alastair has indicated an interest in teaching soo bahk do to young children as his senior project and as a way to further his training.  I was going to offer up my dance studio to him to take on some students in the fall (they would be able to take the classes for a very discounted rate, or free based on need).  I wanted to ask your advice and/or permission on this, as I do not want to take students away from Camas Karate, but would like to help Alastair with his senior project.  Or would it be best to have him teach some classes for you at JDZ.  I don’t know if he’s even ready to teach yet, so maybe he still needs your guidance and shouldn’t be all on his own with students yet?  Just let me know your thoughts, and again thank you! 
Take Care,
Kim Graham
Evergreen Dance Academy
Vancouver, WA

From: Anna Oulashin
Sent: Monday, July 25, 2011 9:05 PM
To: Camas Family - Dean Family; Kim Graham; Camas Family- Johnson/Nielson; Camas - Jasmin Tuttle
Subject: Thank you!!!!!

Kim, Dana, Dick, & Shanna

I hope you all had a great weekend. Your kids and I certainly did!

I want to thank you all for giving the kids the opportunity to attend the Region 10 TAC Seminar Summer Camp.  I believe they all had a wonderful experience training with our Grand Master - H.C. Hwang, the chairman of the Technical Advisory Committee - Cash Cooper, and TAC member - Jennifer Gibbons. I hope their memories of this weekend's events last them a lifetime. Especially for the 1st Gup members who were promoted by the Grand Master. He tied on their belts! How cool is that!!???

Your kids were model Moo Do Jaseh members (I'll let them explain that to you) which made me very proud of each and every one of them. 

I'm looking forward to their continued training.
Dana - I'm looking forward to working with Remington and Miranda to take them to Dan and beyond.
Kim, Dick, and  Shanna - We're preparing for E Dan and junior instructor certification.
They have each expressed their interest in continuing their training and we'll be here for them.

The lower belts members noticed a big difference today in all of them. Not just the uniform, but their presence.

I'm sure you're all very proud of them. They're awesome kids to be around. I certainly had fun driving Alastair and Miranda to camp and just hanging with them. I'm in to dubstep music now --- thanks Alastair!

Thank you all for allowing me the opportunity to be their instructor and watch them grow in the art.

Most sincerely,

Anna Oulashin
Camas Karate



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