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Master Felix A. Nichalson owned the first Do Jang in Dayton, Ohio.  He had many students through out the years.  This is the studio that Master Robert Thompson ( Dan Bon 1791) found when he returned From Korea.  The Do Jang was named Dayton Tang Soo Do Academy. The studio was at that time a school of " Hard Knocks !"  On 02/23/2016  Master Felix Antonio Nichalson ( Dan Bon 12203 )  passed away. Mr. Nichalson had a difficult childhood to say the least. He was born in Anderson , Alabama.  Felix was orphaned at the age of 11 years old.  He served in the United States Navy.  Master Nichalson had many accomplishments during his life.  He obtained a Doctorate Degree in Psychology. He worked for General Motors as a Hydrulic Engineer .  He retired from G.M.   Before starting his martial arts training Mr. Nichalson was a Light Heavy Weight Boxer.  He was the sparring partner of heavy weight champion Rocky Maricano.  Master Nichalson was always into physical fitness.  Mr. Nichalson was the first Black Mr. Ohio.  Felix introduced a man named Larry Pacifico to power lifting.  Mr. Pacifico was named the world's strongest man for 11 years.  I witnessed Master Nichalson spar with the well known figthers Bill Wallace ,and Joe Lewis. Master Nichalson had done so much for everyone he knew.  When my father passed away Mr. Nichalson told me " Am your Dad now ! " Some of his notable student's in the art of Soo Bahk Do include Sa Bom Nim Howard Long , and Ray Senkowski Sa Bom Nim.  Some thing I will never forget Sa Bom Nim Senkowski , and I went to visit Master Nicalson in the hospital.  As we entered his room Master Nicalson wanted to perform Ho Sin Sool.  The next day Master Nichalson passed away.  He is survived by two sons Micheal Beene of Florida , and Ramone Johnson of Dayton.  Master Nichalson was always there to remind us to love ourselves and not let anyone take away your peace of mind.  Am honored to have met him at the age of 9 years old.  Trained with him , and was able to call him " Dad ! "

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