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Celebrating the Life of Sa Bom Nim Howard Long

Howard Long was born on 11/02/1930 to the parentage of Willie and Clara Long , in Milan , Tennessee. The family moved to Dayton , Ohio.  Mr. Long graduated Dunbar High School in 1949.  Mr. Long was a very religious man. He was  a member of  Mt. Enon Missionary Church. Mr. Long was ordained as a Deacon in 1963.  Howard Long joined the United States Air Force and served five years.  While in the Air Force Mr. Long took up boxing.  After leaving the Air Force Mr. Long returned to Dayton , Ohio.  He continued his passion for boxing , and in 1954 won Dayton's Golden Glove welterweight Championship.  After that  Mr. Long decided to stop boxing and became interested in the Martial Arts.  Mr. Long found the Do Jang owned by  Master Felix Nichalson " Dayton Tang Soo Do Academy."  Within a few years after Mr.Long joined the studio were Master Robert A. Thompson returned from Korea and became the senior instructor at the Academy.  Mr Long became a Sa Bom ,and the rank of fifth Dan in the U.S. Soo Bahk Do Federation.  Mr. Long is survived by his wife Ethel , and two sons Michael ( who made 2nd Dan in the American Moo Duk Kwan) , and Bryant ( who obtained Cho Dan).  Sa Bom Nim Long was laid to rest at Dayton National Cemetery .    

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