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2012 Ko Dan Ja Shim Sa Teaching Video Submissions

03-11-2013 - Reminder:

All Sa Bom Certififcation Applicants must submit a supplemental teaching video incorporating the feedback provided by TAC during the Ko Dan Ja Shim Sa Event.


  • 07-23-2012 Recommendation submissions requested from SAC, HKI, Instructors and Regional Examiners to be received before 07-31-2012
  • 08-01-2012 TAC begins review of receommendations.
  • 08-10-2012 Invitations distributed to members approved for testing in the 2012 KDJSS

The U.S. Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation's Technical Advisory Committee requires members who are eligible for Ko Dan Ja rank and Sa Bom Certification to upload teaching videos on the Soo Bahk Do Institute as an eligibility prerequisite to test. 

  • All 4th Dan candidates and Sa Bom candidates are required to submit videos.
  • 5th Dan, 6th, or 7th Dan candidates are not required to submit a video unless he/she is also testing for Sa Bom.
  1. You will need to register and activate a subscription at
  2. Optional: Friend the additional user profiles that apply to your roles in the Federation
  3. Then you will need to "join" the group 2012 KDJSS Candidates 
    • How To "Join" a Group
      • Click main menu Groups
      • Select a Group
      • Click the small "Join Group" link on the Group profile page near the user avatar top left hand side.
  4. Watch the Model Soo Bahk Do class video (below)
  5. Download the Model Soo Bahk Do Class Outline v2
  6. Listen to TAC Teleconference about Teaching Videos
  7. Plan your class and video it.
  8. Upload your teaching video to your personal account at

The TAC has prepared an online video of a model Soo Bahk Do class and a document detailing instructional design concepts for Model Soo Bahk Do Class instruction.

These advanced training materials are for use by all candidates and especially Sa Bom Certification applicants preparing to submit a teaching video for evaluation by the TAC.


The TAC may hold one or more teleconferences to answer questions and clarify Sa Bom Certification applicant outcome expectations.

The following instructions outline the process that Sa Bom Certification applicants will follow.

  1. Review the instructional design concepts written materials  ( Model Soo Bahk Do Class Outline v2 ) which describe proper class organization, PCA 1 and PCA 2 principles
  2. Watch the Model Soo Bahk Do class video online, taking notes for future review
  3. Begin to teach your classes based on the concepts outlined in the written materials, videos, and Sa Bom workbooks
  4. Once you are comfortable that your instruction meets the expectations of the Model Soo Bahk Do (Moo Do) class, prepare your to teach and video your candidate class:
  5. Obtain video equipment to record your instruction, the taping can be performed either from a tripod or handheld
  6. Prepare your class instruction. Your instruction should be approximately 20 minutes in duration. It should cover the key sections shown in the video and should be treated as a whole class, condensed to 20 minutes. You should document your class plan using the PCA 1 & 2 example.
  7. If not videoed in digital format, convert the video to a digital file format in preparation for uploading online. Please do not edit or modify your video. The ultimate value to you is in the feedback from the TAC on your class instruction strengths and areas of improvement
  8. Upload your video and documents to your personal account at
    1. NOTE: Video files larger than 2 gigs will not upload. Should your file be larger than 2 gigs you will need to convert it or compress it to reduce file size and then upload the smaller file. 
      We have used this suite of paid software  and each program works very well and is easy to use. One low price gets you lots of programs and its a great bargain for all the funtionality that is provided by the various programs.
    2. Some free software that can do this includes:
  9. Written documents (i.e. class plan, etc.) can be emailed to when you upload your video.
  10. After your video has been uploaded then notification will be sent to the TAC Chairman, TAC, TAC Administrator, and Kwan Jang Nim Hwang that your video was successfully submitted.
  11. The TAC will review your instruction submission and provide feedback online. You will receive an email when comments are posted.
  12. Review the feedback from TAC. If TAC asks you to submit another class which incorporates the feedback, follow the same process as above.
  13. You must be a "friend" of the user KDJSS Candidate  and you must "join" the group 2012 KDJSS Candidates to access certain content and view feedback that will be provided.
  14. Also check the site for your fellow candidate videos to review them and take notes for your own instruction improvements.
  15. During the Ko Dan Ja Shim Sa, 2 candidate submissions will be selected as examples of the model Moo Do class. If your class is selected, the video will be watched during the week by the candidates. You will then have the opportunity to teach the same class to your fellow candidates so they can experience your instruction.




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