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2012 Ko Dan Ja Shim Sa Invited Candidates

2012 Ko Dan Ja Shim Sa Bound!

2012 Ko Dan Ja Shim Sa Invited Candidates

Dear Ko Dan Ja Candidate,

I trust all is well.

Pursuant to instructions from the TAC Chairman, you are hereby notified that the
Technical Advisory Committee is officially inviting you to participate in the 2012 Ko Dan Ja Shim Sa in Ramona, California.


You have the unique distinction of beginning your Shim Sa on November 9th, the 67th Anniversary of the Moo Duk Kwan.

You will also be joined by International World Moo Duk Kwan Members attending the World Moo Duk Kwan Symposium and the TAC is crafting an exciting and educational schedule of training that will be a highlight of your career.

Your official letter of invitation from the TAC will be forthcoming next week along with project assignments and registration forms, but the TAC wanted you to be able to begin making plans and searching for your airfare flight as soon as possible.

Again, congratulations on being selected as 2012 Ko Dan Ja Shim Sa Candidate.

  1. Chil Dan 19787 Schermerhorn Frank Sa Bom Nim
  2. Chil Dan 20571 Bartolacci, Phillip Sa Bom Nim
  3. Yuk Dan 26294 McDuffie Ian Sa Bom Nim - Korea
  4. Yuk Dan 26558 Maltby John Sa Bom Nim
  5. O Dan 29793 Duncan Joshua Sa Bom Nim - Korea
  6. 0 Dan 30699 Zickafoose Michael Sa Bom Nim
  7. O Dan 32442 Senkowski Raymond Sa Bom Nim
  8. Sa Dan 26950 Cullen Sean Sa Bom Nim 
  9. Sa Dan 31209 Parrish William Master
  10. Sa Dan 33084 Perusse John Master
  11. Sa Dan 35178 Stohl Jay Sa Bom Nim
  12. Sa Dan 35203 Falwell Laurence Master
  13. Sam Dan 19785 Juliano John Mr. 
  14. Sam Dan 21614 Neace John Kyo Sa Nim
  15. Sam Dan 23081 McCune Johnny Mr
  16. Sam Dan 26551 Murray Peter Kyo Sa Nim
  17. Sam Dan 28089 Mackey Jeff Mr
  18. Sam Dan 30723 Orella Erik Kyo Sa Nim
  19. Sam Dan 34573 DeLeeuw, Brandi Ms.
  20. Sam Dan 34654 Lee Candace Nicole Kyo Sa Nim 
  21. Sam Dan 37275 Baric Damir Kyo Sa Nim - Korea
  22. Sam Dan 37854 Hershfield, Josh Mr. - Korea
  23. Sam Dan 40578 Toomey, William Mr.
  24. Sam Dan 40619 Daily Mark Kyo Sa Nim - Korea
  25. Sam Dan 41012 Resler Jennifer Kyo Sa Nim
  26. Sam Dan 41173 Hamer Andrew Kyo Sa Nim
  27. Sam Dan 41188 Lauer Samuel Kyo Sa Nim
  28. Sam Dan 41571 Phillips Elaine Kyo Sa Nim Korea
  29. Sam Dan 41859 Lauer Rachel Kyo Sa Nim
  30. Sam Dan 41897 Alyssa Beck Ms.
  31. Sam Dan 42415 Hall Rahman Kyo Sa Nim


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