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2012 Ko Dan Ja Shim Sa Spirit Messages

KDJ_Candidates_160x120.jpgThe 2012 USA Ko Dan Ja Shim Sa Candidates

Continuing a tradition began by Sa Bom Nim Lisa Donnelly years ago you are invited to post your SPIRIT messages for the 2012 Ko Dan Ja Candidates via the CyberDojang as indicated in the comments on this page.

There may be other avenues for communicating your messages of support to those at the Ko Dan Ja Shim Sa, but directing them to the CyberDojang will ensure their delivery to the candidates on site while messages posted elsewhere may not get delivered to the candidates.

  1. Chil Dan 19787 Schermerhorn Frank Sa Bom Nim (Already Promoted to Pal Bon)
  2. Chil Dan 20571 Bartolacci, Phillip Sa Bom Nim (Already Promoted to Pal Bom)
  3. Yuk Dan 26294 McDuffie Ian Sa Bom Nim - Korea
  4. Yuk Dan 26558 Maltby John Sa Bom Nim
  5. O Dan 29793 Duncan Joshua Sa Bom Nim - Korea
  6. 0 Dan 30699 Zickafoose Michael Sa Bom Nim
  7. O Dan 32442 Senkowski Raymond Sa Bom Nim
  8. Sa Dan 26950 Cullen Sean Sa Bom Nim
  9. Sa Dan 35178 Stohl Jay Sa Bom Nim
  10. Sa Dan 35203 Falwell Laurence Master
  11. Sam Dan 19785 Juliano John Mr.
  12. Sam Dan 23081 McCune Johnny Mr
  13. Sam Dan 26551 Murray Peter Kyo Sa Nim
  14. Sam Dan 28089 Mackey Jeff Mr
  15. Sam Dan 30723 Orella Erik Kyo Sa Nim
  16. Sam Dan 34654 Lee Candace Nicole Kyo Sa Nim
  17. Sam Dan 37275 Baric Damir Kyo Sa Nim - Korea
  18. Sam Dan 40578 Toomey, William Mr.
  19. Sam Dan 40619 Daily Mark Kyo Sa Nim - Korea
  20. Sam Dan 41012 Resler Jennifer Kyo Sa Nim
  21. Sam Dan 41173 Hamer Andrew Kyo Sa Nim
  22. Sam Dan 41188 Lauer Samuel Kyo Sa Nim
  23. Sam Dan 41571 Phillips Elaine Kyo Sa Nim - Korea
  24. Sam Dan 41859 Lauer Rachel Kyo Sa Nim
  25. Sam Dan 41897 Alyssa Beck Ms.
  26. Sam Dan 42415 Hall Rahman Kyo Sa Nim
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11/13/12 Studio Owner commented:
Dear Soo Bahk Do Cyberdojang Members, It's that time of year again!! The 2012 Ko Dan Ja Shim Sa, is getting into high gear. This is the week-long test for rank advancement at the Ko Dan Ja level. The last day will be Friday, November 16. In 1997, when the Cyberdojang was in its 2nd year, we started the Spirit Message program where members of the Cyberdojang [and others too!] could send out "Spirit Messages" to the Ko Dan Ja candidates and to those facilitating their experience. This will be the 16th Anniversary of the Spirit Message program. Messages will be forwarded daily to the venue via email during the week. They will then be printed and posted for the participants to read. This will bolster their spirits and harden their resolve during this very difficult and grueling experience. From personal experience and feedback, we can attest that these messages are greatly anticipated, poured over, savored & talked about and help many make it through some rough patches. We have always had great feedback. If you or anyone you know is interested in sending Spirit Messages to the candidates or any or the participants PLEASE READ THIS EMAIL CAREFULLY! CYBERDOJANG MEMBERS: We anticipate a LARGE volume of email to be sent out. With the YahooGroups format of the Cyberdojang, we want to be sure that you members who do not wish to receive well over 100 emails over the course of a week, do not. Back in 1997, we had 105 members on the list and got 40 messages out. At this time, we have over 400 members and more people know about it. You can do the math. With that in mind, PLEASE take an extra moment and make sure that you put "Spirit Message" in the subject line, then subscribers can delete them if they are not interested. Also, this may be a good time to consider temporarily changing your delivery mode from "individual emails" to "daily digest", until the week is over. We can assist you, just send a request to either me or Master Maihos ( PERSONAL MESSAGES: If you have a message you do NOT want broadcast to the rest of the Cyberdojang, please send it privately to me at with "Spirit Message" in the subject line. Please be advised that the rest of the candidates and participants WILL be able to read it. They're posted on a wall. NON-CYBERDOJANG MEMBER MESSAGES: People who are not members of the Cyberdojang (friends, spouses, family members, whoever) can send a spirit message too, but it has to be done differently. Here's how: Non-members should send their messages directly to with "Spirit Message" in the subject line. If they send it to this YahooGroups address, it will bounce into some black hole and your person will never know you sent it. Please make sure to pass this vital information on to anyone who wants to send a message but who is not subscribed the Cyberdojang. Let's make this the best year yet and show our support all week! Yours in Moo Duk Kwan, Lisa Donnelly Cyberdojang Moderator John Maihos Cyberdojang Moderator
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