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How To Upload Private Content For Your Students

School owners who wish to create content that is private for your students can do so as follows:

First, consider a few organizing thoughts:



Depending on how much content you plan to create for your students, you may want to create a 2nd dedicated account for your school content in addition to your existing  personal account. Note: You will need to keep track of two different login credentials.

You can use the school owner discount code to activate a 2nd account for your school on the Institute. 

If you want to create a library of content for your students over a period of time, then you may want to activate a 2nd user account on the Institute and configure it with the name of your school. This will help you keep all content uploaded to your school account separate from content uploaded on your personal account and will allow you to use your school logo as the profile picture on your school account making it easily recognizable to your students as the place to go for school content.

If you are just doing a one-off upload that you want to quickly share with ONLY your students and do not plan to create multiple uploads then uploading to your personal account and using the PUSH SHARE feature may be the quickest way to accomplish your goal.

The Groups feaure is also a great way to pull all your school content into one place for convenient access by your students even if you only use your personal account. The way the group feature functions is really more like a COLLECTIONS feature in that it is used to gather all different content onto a single point of access on one page. What makes it a "group" is that each member who joins the group can add their content to the group "collection" of content.



You will upload your content for your students in the normal manner.



The category and subcategory assigned to your content will determine the subscription level that an Institute user must have in order to view your content.

You can tell which categories are included in each subscription level on the Available Subscriptions page and the My Subscription Page by clicking the button link SHOW CATEGORIES IN THIS PACKAGE.

For example, if you upload content intended for Dans and categorize it for Dans, then students will need a subscription that include that Dan level content in order to view it.



Because there is a lot of content on the Institute, you may want to organize your content so that it is easy for your stuents to locate and use without needing to search for it.

You can also use the group feature to create a collection of different content for students on one page. 



Affiliate school owners earn a % of all subscriptions attributed to them so encouraging students to subscribe to the Institute is a win-win arrangement. Student subscribers to the Institute gain access to your premium level (almost like "private lesson") content that is not avialble to those who attend class but who do not subscribe to the Institute.

Your private content may include training for each rank or age of students, for Jo Kyo, Kyo Sa and Sa Bom apprentices, school staff members, specialty self defense or weapons training, advanced sparring, etc, etc.

Additional earnings opportunities await the industrious school owner who is motivated to create private content for students and others.

A dedicated subscription for your school content can be configured and can substantially increase the affiliate commission you earn on private content that you create and publish. You do more and contribute more, you make more.

That opportunity can be configured for your school upon request.





When enough school owners have demonstrated a desire to publish private content for students by uploading content, then future development plans for the Institute will include creating a dedicated landing page for school use. This page can serve as a starting point for your students and will include integrated features that make it easy for you to organize all your school content for your students and to monitor which students have accessed which content.

Until then, the Groups feaure is a great way to pull all your school content into one place for convenient access by your students.



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