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  1. When Browsing How do I change the page view from a matrix layout to a list layout?
    1. I am having trouble with videos stalling or not playing
  2. How do I register?
    1. How do I change my pasword and personal information?
    2. How do I change my user badge?
    3. Manage Multiple Accounts With One Login
  3. How do I friend another Institute member?
  4. How do I join a group?
    1. How To Join A Group In Three Clicks
    2. How Do I Join My Dojang's Group On The Institute
    3. How Do I Add~Share My Content In A Group?
  5. How do I buy a subscription?
    1. About subscriptions
    2. What subscriptions are available?
      1. Background Check Subscription Help
    3. How do I change my subscription?
    4. How do I fix an expired subscription?
    5. Are Lifetime Subscriptions Available?
  6. Are discounts available for subscriptions?
    1. What  Discount Codes Are Available For My Students?
  7. How do I find stuff on the Institute?
    1. How can I monitor when new content is added to the Institute?
    2. How do I use the Follow feature to be notified of new content on the Institute?
    3. How can I organize stuff that I am interested in?
      1. How to use video playlists
      2. How to use groups to organize related content together
        • Groups are not just for people
        • All members of a group can add their stuff to a group
  8. How do I upload stuff on the Institute?
    1. Who can see stuff I upload on the Institute?
      1. I uploaded something but I cannot see it on the Institute. What's up?
      2. I see some stuff that I do not think should be on the Institute.
    2. How To Publish Virtual Classes For Students
    3. How School Owners Can Upload Private Content For Students
    4. What about uploading stuff that only my students should see on the Institute?
    5. Upload and Notification Protocols
  9. How To Use The Push Sharing Feature To Notify Others About Your Content 
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09/23/17 john neace commented:

I would like to thank Kwan Jang Nim , The Soo Bahk Do institute team , and especially Sa Bom Nim Duncan for all of his work done for all of the members who use Soo Bahk Do Institute.

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