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Upload And Notification Protocols

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When you are uploading content/video for a specific purpose, uploaders need to provide instructions in the description so that moderators can understand what to do with your content upon approval.

Uploaders need to include instructions covering the following points in the description when uploading content: (there is currently no other place to include those instructions when uploading content)

  1. who should be able to see the content/video
  2. what is the purpose of the content/video (pre-event audition, retest performance, personal performance, etc., etc.) 
  3. if uploaded more than once, why was the content/video uploaded multiple times?

When this information is provided then the moderator who approves the content for publication can configure it and proceed with notifications accordingly.

Without your instructions it can be confusing about what you want to happen.



What happens in some cases is that its unclear to a moderator why a particular video is uploaded because the uploader does not indicate the purpose of the video in the description and as a result it may be unclear to the moderator what needs to happen with a video when it is approved. (what category it should be in, who should be notified about it, why it was uploaded 3 times, etc.) 

This can be especially confusing when someone uploads a video on behalf of someone else without any instructions in the description about why it was uploaded and what they want to happen with the video.

This can also be an issue even with videos that are uploaded as drafts for the performer's eye only, other may be for a special group's eyes only and others may be intended for all users and to be added to a specific subscription level, etc. 

For example:

  1. R6 may have KDJSS candidates uploading individual hyung performances for R6 REX eyes only review. 
  2. R10 may have school owners and/or dan candidates upload followup dan test performance videos (breaking, hyung, etc.)  
  3. Regional Team audition videos before the National festival may be uploaded by a Team members, a school owner, a REX, etc and without instructions in the description about what the video is for and who should see it, it can be a guessing game for moderators to know how to configure the categorization, how to set the privacy settings and who needs to be notified (when the user does not know how to use the notification (PUSH SHARE) feature.
  4. Sometimes uploaders may submit the same video more than once for different reasons, (upload issues, etc.)  but when moderating and approving them, there is no way to know if its exactly the same video without watching the whole video. SOLUTION: A note in the description by the uploader explaining why they uploaded it a second or third time would help AND who should see it.

Going forward we may be able to add features to the Institute that guide a content uploader through providing the required info on the upload page, but until then content uploaders need to do it via notes in the description section.

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