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Background Check Help

I subscribed to the Background Check subscription on the Institute, but I never received any email. 

Your subscription on the Institute is probably active, but you must still submit your application using the orange APPLY button on one of these pages:

(Choose appropriate subscription)

After activating your subscription, then APPLY for your Background Check

(Use the big orange APPLY button on multiple pages)

(You will receive email link after applying for Background Check)

If you never received the training link, then it is likely you never APPLIED for the Background check. (even though you paid)



Question: I subscribed to the Background Check subscription on the Institute, but I never received any email.

Answer: Your subscription on the Institute is probably active, but you must still submit your application using the orange APPLY button on one of these pages:

The apply button will direct you to a very short form to complete and submit for the background check.

Takes 20-30 seconds to fill out and submit.

Unless you are notified otherwise, you can assume you passed the background check upon submission of your application.

You can request a copy of the background check if desired using the button on the same page as the APPLY button.

Within 24 hours after submission of your Background Check application you will receive an email link that directs you to the safety training course.

Keep the training link where you can locate it in case you need to start and stop during the training. Your personalized link will take you back to the training where you left off.

Should you encounter any issues, please contact Headquarters for prompt assistance.
(888) 766-2245

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05/12/21 Institute Admin commented:


1) Can we have a copy of background checks automatically sent to the Institute inbox for each individual?

The vendor does not currently provide automated distribution of a copy of background checks except to those applicants who live in a state where it is required by law.

One reason is to increase the security of private information; however, all can request a copy of their background check at any time:

As I understand it, security of information is paramount to them and currently they prefer a specific request be submitted by each applicant for such information before releasing it rather than the automated distribution of such information.


2)  What is the rationale behind yearly background checks rather than every three years for example?

Because Background Checks are an assurance of safety to members and a measure of liability protection for the organization, annual background checks provide the highest level of both. 

Three years interval between checks could result in a case where an individual who is Background checked in year 2020, then commits an act during 2020 that will be flagged on a background check in 2023,  but if only checked every three years they could continue to present to the public for three years that they are background check approved. It would be 2023 before the action would finally be discovered. In the Federation's case, that person may have interacted with youth dozens of times in a three-year period.  A one-year interval reduces the number of instances in which that person would have been trusted to interact with members before another background check may flag them.  The outcome of the Board's dialog and decision was for the Federation to aspire to the highest reasonable level of safety and the lowest reasonable level of liability by enforcing annual background checks rather than longer intervals between checks.


3)  What is the rationale for not accepting other source (e.g. Employer, personal, etc)  background check transcripts?

The entire background check initiative created an entirely new activity stream requiring administrative oversight and one Board goal was to design the program so the associated administrative workload was as minimal as possible and that the program be conducted in the most secure manner possible.  Accepting alternate background checks would create a number of issues that are avoided by employing a singular source of background checks, including but not limited to:

  1. background checks may seek to discover any number of factors about an applicant and thus some types of background checks will disclose information that others do not
  2. accepting alternate background checks would require the Federation to receive and possess sensitive personal information about members that the Federation would then become legally responsible for protecting, thus increasing that risk for the organization. 
  3. employing a single Background Check vendor to perform the background checks and retain possession of all sensitive member information minimizes the associated responsibilities and liabilities for the Federation.
  4. accepting alternate background checks could result in different evaluation criteria being applied by different vendors thus creating the possibility of inconsistent outcomes for members.
  5. a singular vendor applying the same standards to all background checks assures the most consistent evaluation process and assures equal evaluation fairness for members which cannot be assured via a mixture of alternate background checks because those systems could evaluate information that is not relevant for the Federation's purposes. (credit history, driving record, etc.) 
  6. accepting alternate background checks could mislead members to expect that their annual fee should be less if they provide another form of background check, thus complicating the fee structure, billing and administration overhead for the program as well as introducing the data privacy issues cited above.
  7. the Background Check program is interwoven with the Continuing Education initiative to help assure additional educational content is provided annually along with access to resources for instructors which can help them succeed in their promotion of our art. That goal is intended to be kept alive through ongoing annual education along with annual background checks and such education is to be partially funded by the fees associated with this program.
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05/11/21 Institute Admin commented:

When a member applies for a Background check an email will automatically come to them with a link to the Child Safety training.

When a background check is re-verified the training link will also be sent again at that time.

Note: The vendor has announced that June 1, 2021 they begin auto expire those links after two weeks if the course is not completed. 

However, if that happens, we can reactivate the link upon request to

Training links are not shareable with other as the test results for the course are specific to each applicant.

Anyone who did not receive the training link may need to:

  • *search their inbox for the email from:
  • *check their spam folder
  • *confirm they have an active Background Check subscription
  • *email and request the link be sent again.

Certified Instructors need this subscription to file a background check application. (use member discount code 404040 to lower price to $45 annually)


Background Checks and Continuing Education For Certified Instructors - Soo Bahk Do Institute

The Background Checks and Continuing Education Subscription is required to access the Background Checks, mandatory Child Safety training and other Continuing Education training published by the Kwan Jang Nim, USA Technical Advisory Committee and United States Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation ® Board of Directors.


Non-certified individuals can apply for a background check with this subscription. (school owners can provide non-students a special discount code to lower the price to $1 annually.)

Background Checks and Continuing Education For Uncertified Individuals

Moo Duk Kwan ® Certified School Owners may refer uncertified individuals (school assistants, volunteers, etc) to activate this subscription for the purpose of obtaining a Background Check and Child Safety Training.. If you were referred here by a school owner, upon activation of this subscription you can immediately apply ...


After subscribing both also need to submit their application and when they do, then both will receive an email link to the Child Safety Training.

The training course is updated some each year, but mainly statistics, etc. so if a member has taken the course last year, its not required that they take the same course again in subsequent years. However, the Board's goal is to develop additional training resources (videos, online courses, etc.) that would be required each year and would build on prior year training by expanding the topic or covering a new topic relevant to the role of instructors.

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07/08/19 john neace commented:

Thank you.

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